Thursday, January 23, 2014

Here is everything you need to get started with Organo Gold, and all in one place!

1)  You may have a lot of questions right now.  That's OK!  Simply watch these short videos.  They should answer most of your questions.  This site was built to help our team and you should refer others to it as well.  When you've watched this videos, you should know whether or not this business opportunity is for you.

In English:

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Here is the compensation plan, explained in FULL detail, by the Number One Earner ON EARTH in the Network Marketing industry:  Click HERE.

2)  If you're ready to start your new Organo Gold business right now, then go HERE (opens in new window).  That's my personal website and you will have one just like it.  At the top of the page, there is a black bar with the words 'HOME', 'PRODUCTS', 'COMPANY', 'OPPORTUNITY' and so on.  Click on 'OPPORTUNITY' or 'JOIN US' to become an Organo Gold distributor.

[ NOTE:  If someone else sent you to this page, you would (of course) join OG through their personal web page and not mine! ]

The system will take you through the set-up process step by step.  Please do it slowly and carefully, making certain that all of your information is correct.  By the way, I find that the OG website and Back Office (once you're a distributor) work best with the Firefox browser.

One of the first things that the system will ask you is what 'Promo Pack' you are going to buy - either Bronze, Silver or Gold.  Choose one because you are not eligible to receive commissions until you have purchased a Promo Pack and the one that you select determines your commission percentage.  You can always upgrade from a Bronze or Silver at a later date, if need be.  Besides, you need product to sample and to sell!  The Promo Packs are a great way to stock your inventory in the beginning.  Remember, you are establishing a REAL BUSINESS here, so you need one of the Promo Packs.

Secondly, the system will ask you how you want to get set-up on the monthly auto-ship for one or more of the many products that are available.  You need to do this too or you will run out of coffee very fast.  Select a few boxes of coffee and tea (whatever suits you) to be shipped out to you on a monthly basis.  This is important!  You can adjust it later as your business grows.

3)  OK, so now that you've joined, bought a Promo Pack and are set up with the auto-ship, what's next?  I'm glad you asked!  The first thing you want to do is go to and subscribe to the newsletter.  You will begin receive invaluable training information by email on a regular basis, which will guide you in every aspect of this business - step-by-step.

4) Plug In To Our Proven System. This isn’t an experiment. This system is creating multi-millionaires consistently. This system has been field tested and tweaked to allow anyone that will commit to a consistent part-time effort for 18 months to dramatically change their financial outlook.
  • Make Sure You Have Registered at
  • Make sure you are booking your own CJM’s with your upline.
  • Make sure you are inviting guests to and attending our webinars.
  • Make sure you are dialing in to our training calls and opportunity calls.
  • Make sure you attend business and leadership events including Super Saturdays, Trainings, National Conventions, etc…
  • If care to use them, there are plenty of classy & well-designed promotional items and sales tools available for your new business at the OG Online Store

5) Find a Local Event!

Local meetings are a great way to get plugged in and support your local business market. Because OG trains the same way no matter where you are in the world, you’re sure to get the same high quality training and support no matter where you are. I highly recommend getting your local prospects to events in your area as well as promoting our webinars.

Check our events calendar to find a local meeting in your area:

6)  Lastly, this page is for our team, whether you are here in Houston, Texas, or are located elsewhere in the U.S. or the world.  If you see a way to improve it (or correct an error), let me know.  It's here for ALL of us!

7)  Also, I'd like to here from you!

You can email me either of these addresses, if you like to communicate that way: or

Or, if you'd like to speak with me on the telephone, that's fine too.  My number is: 832-524-4251

If I don't answer right away, just leave a message and a good time to call back.

Take care,